Creating Customer Name Servers in Plesk


Creating custom nameservers is just about adding DNS records at your Domain Registrar and Hosting account. Here are the steps that will get this done for you.


1. Login to your Plesk Account
2. Goto "Website & Domains" Tab
3. Click on "DNS Settings"
4. Click on "Add Record" to add a DNS record.
5. Select "A" as Record Type.
6. Insert the name servers of your choice in the "Domain name" section. (Just insert the prefix eg. "ns1)
7. Insert the IP address assigned to you by us.
8. Click "Ok".
9. Once you click ok, it will take you back to "DNS Settings" page, you might get an option there to "update" the changes, please do it.

After the procedure is completed, everything should be set up properly. Note that this DNS zone might take upto 24 hours to be updated on every network.


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